Air Conditioning Repair Service

During the hot summer months you rely upon your A/C to do its job by cooling off the interior of your vehicle. The compressor is the key to the correct functioning of that system that is at the center of the A/C system. The compressor could develop a issue and will typically be easily repaired. It’s important to understand the kinds of issues that will occur.


The A/C compressor is usually a refrigerant pump (piston-driven) that is fastened to the front of the engine. The compressor in the A/C is typically driven by a belt from the engine shaft pulley-block. When AN electrical current flows through a coil at the compressor this engages a magnetic clutch that turns on and off the A/C compressor.


An automobile A/C compressor is necessary for providing the interior pressure of the A/C system. This allows the refrigerant to cycle through the (high pressure side) recognize because the condenser of the A/C on its way to the (low pressure side) understand because the evaporator and back again.


Failure of your A/C compressor sometimes is the results of one among the subsequent problems: Complete seizure, abnormal noises, refrigerant leakage or pressure issues. These problems most of the time can need replacement of the mechanical device, but if a leak is determined to be coming back from the mechanical device shaft seal, sometimes the seal will be replaced while not the mechanical device being removed. The compressor clutch may be another downside space for your A/C. The compressor clutch will be checked by checking the clutch magnet for voltage. Although this is not specifically a mechanical device downside, but typically a faulty pressure or temperature sport switch could cause the mechanical device not to operate.


Sometimes a faulty automotive A/C mechanical device (while it is rare) may be removed by a technician and overhauled. However, this requires specialized expertise and information, and most of the time, replacing the mechanical device with a new or used one is simpler. Also create certain the matter is diagnosed properly since a faulty sport switch will manufacture symptoms like a nasty mechanical device.